The puzzle is complete. Here are the facts of the 29th of June.

puzzle29-11-2011The puzzle is complete. Here are the facts of the 29th of June (this document is a translation of our greek article).

Anyone who experienced it and everybody who was remotely following the events, mainly through independent communication channels, would understand that the brutal actions of the Hellenic state on the 29th of June 2011 were part of a well-designed manhunt that took place, by any means, against the struggling People. Two important procedures were happening that day in the center of Athens. The first is that the democratic-constitutional aberration was ongoing within the parliament chambers and the government was voting by just a narrow majority for a critical bill regarding crucial and binding decision about the country that transcend their own tenure in governance. Noteworthy, this government is supported only by the 20% of the people according to various recent polls. The second procedure is that in the streets of Athens the People stood their ground. They were showing their opposition to the upcoming decay and the neoliberal plan of “creative destruction” which is intended for the country.

The response of this government of traitors was to mobilize the entire state mechanism for a mass, brutal, and far beyond any legal justification repression of the peaceful demonstrations of the hard working, and for some time now bankrupt, people of Greece. Once again police played the same well-established role “on the field of social struggle”. That is to terrorize those who are being exploited, to “serve and protect” the social security which stifles in poverty the many and to provide benefits to those few, who are to be mainly held responsible for the situation of the country.

There was a great effort by many people to solve as much as possible the puzzle with all the events of the raid of police forces in the center of Athens on the 29th of June 2011. In the collected material that follows, police brutality takes the lion’s share, since it exceeded every limit and was manifested openly and without reason.

Behold the puzzle of the events that we lived and we will remember from that day. Let us bear in mind that we hold the historical responsibility and obligation not to allow them to complete the bigger picture of the final disintegration of our lives.

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1. Video


Junta: Syntagma Square | 29 June 2011
A man of riot police hits with his baton a protester on the head. The protester is unprotected, holding nothing in his hands and not even attempting to fight with the police. The rest of the riot police have no reaction to the incident, since it seems to them like causal thing.

Incredible murderous violence by riot police against a fallen protester (the same incident captured from a different angle)

A protester falls down after being chased by riot police. His is being attacked by more than 7 policemen, without reacting and by keeping an obvious defensive position. A few more “enthusiastic” in torturing citizens policemen approach him to “entertain” themselves with the victim, even after he is being arrested and taken away (0:27 & 0:34). Riot police disregard even some journalists that witness the scene and take pictures (0:35).

7 videos with riot polices throwing stones:

[1] Riot police with stones

Riot police attack protesters with stones. A policeman calls the attack with stones towards the square (0:21).

[2] Riot police throw stones at protesters
A policeman throws a huge stone at protesters. The stone can be seen clearly towards the end of the video. Policemen disregard the fact that the incident is being recorded on camera.

[3] Policemen throw rocks – Syntagma square 29-06-2011

A man of the riot police picks up a stone from the square aiming at the protesters (0:22).

[4] Policemen throw rocks – Syntagma square 29-06-2011 – #2

The video begins with a policeman provocatively gathering “ammunition” from the ground, regardless of the fact that he is being recorded on camera. Then, stone throwing follows.

[5] Policemen are throwing rocks

Scenes from one of the vulgar police raids on Syntagma square (from 2:33 onwards). A whole platoon is randomly throwing stones towards the square (2:55). An overdose of tear gas for the protesters for obvious purpose (3:30). More riot policemen are equipping themselves with stones (3:22). Coming up, riot police throws stone at demonstrators as if they have a personal vendetta, without following any protocol of lawful behavior towards citizens. Some more scenes of excessive tear gas use (3:55). Some protesters, one of them disabled, converse with men of riot police, saying that their actions are extremely dangerous for the people. They also address a question at the policeman: “Did they teach you (at the academy) about the constitution and what is says about your duties?”. Also a scene where demonstrators forced a squad to flee by chanting peacefully “behind” (5:50).  A slogan written on a wall: “Let us not live as slaves” (6:20).

 [6] Policemen are throwing rocks
A policeman picks up a stone and throws it. The policeman next to him is also holding a stone. Important detail: One of them is holding a shield, the other one is holding the radio and is the commander of the platoon. He picks up stones with his subordinate who covers him with  his shield. People are shouting “Keep throwing stones. The whole world is watching”.

[7] Syntagma square 20/07/11: ΣΥΝΤΑΓΜΑ 29/07/11 : Riot policemen are throwing rocks at citizens

A platoon is equipping themselves with rocks picking them up from the street, although journalists are in just a few meters away (0:30). Another platoon can be seen as they charge towards the square with stones(0:44).

“Indignados” at Syntagma square 29-06-2011 – Attack at the metro station
Police has already attacked with tear gas before the beginning of the video, since fumes are already coming out of the metro station. Protesters are clearly in a defensive position, trying to escape from the underground entrance and the suffocating atmosphere. Protesters manage to throw back a tear gas (0:15) and attempt to get out. Along with them come two employees of the metro (wearing orange uniforms) who are telling the policemen not to throw tear gas in a closed space (0:24 – 0:34). Riot police keeps staying in front of the metro entrance and charge again with tear gas in the metro station (0:30). A tear gas get thrown back at the police (probably this was used by another platoon on those who are on the square, above the metro entrance) (0:36). Riot police disregard journalists and photographers and throw stones and other objects throughout the video. From an object thrown at the police an employee of the metro gets injured. As he falls down, a policeman approaches him and beats him with his baton while he is on the ground (0:40).

Policemen attacking the subway station at Syntagma

This video shows from the beginning the attack of riot police against the people who were in front of the metro entrance at Syntagma square. As the video starts, we can see the excessive use of tear gas against the protesters. We then have a second mass use of tear gas (0:34). People retreat and some find refuge in the subway station (0:45). Riot police charges again and approach the entrance of the metro (1:11). Protesters attempt to fight back and police throw a tear gas right in the station (1:30) (watch as the commander of the platoon – he is distinguished by the fact that he does not carry a shield – hits the policeman who threw the tear gas as if he was scolding him). In a while, policemen start to throw rocks (1:44). Here there is overlap with the previous video until the employee of the metro falls to the ground. Protesters fight back and some try to rescue the injured man (2:19) – the platoon leader clearly gives the signal for retreat and as the injured man is been taken away a policeman throws another tear gas on the stairs of the entrance (2:37). Policemen, instead of leaving in order to give the people a chance to breathe, continue the vendetta and throw objects to repel them. They corner the people back in the metro entrance and use more tear gas.

Tear gas in the subway station
A view of the  atmosphere in the metro station. – Swoop of DIAS squat in Mitropoleos St.

While hundreds of people have fled to find refuge on Mitropoleos St. the DIAS squat swoop on motorbikes chasing protesters. Shopkeepers and people are cursing the policemen, cheering sarcastically, “Good hours guys, bravo!”

Blood of protester in a coffee place at Syntagma square
Blood dispersed all over the coffee place … all this in time of “peace.” Apparently police chased the people and beat him, without any arrest (why?), even in private shops.

Attack at a grocery store!!! (29-06-2011)

A similar incident in a grocery store where protesters had found refuge. The owner does not keep out the protesters and tells at the police to leave. The protesters are beaten and they are trying to call for an ambulance. One of is shouting “Stop hitting, I am a teacher!”. Police comes back while people are protesting that there is no reason to hit them (1:05) but they do. In this scene we can see again blood dispersed on the floor of the store.

“Dangerous citizens”

Citizens in the square and use of tear gas on the stairs.

“Πότε θα κάνει ξαστεριά!” (famous song of the democratic army back from the civil war)

At Filellinon St., while policemen make use of tear gas people are singing “Πότε θα κάνει Ξαστεριά” (a song which brings back memories from the civil war).

Arrest at Syntagma square 29-06-2011

Violent arrest of a protester who is been kicked and pulled by the hair.

Protester being arrested by policemen

Violent arrest of a protester while at the same time policemen use tear gas against people who object against this arrest. The man who was arrested is transported at the police “headquarters” in the parliament (1:00).

Unprovoked attack by riot police at the checkpoint at the Hilton

Riot police attacks with tear gas the people who are holding the checkpoint at the Hilton hotel.

Civil police burns down McDonald’s;
Attack at Mc Donald’s. The police did nothing to extinguish the fire that had broken out, but it had not spread yet. At 2:31 it is clear that they get a guy and then let him go.

You would not see such thing not even in war times (EXADAS)
Testimonies of volunteer doctors for injuries and about police officers who prevented the care of injured men and threw tear gas even within the medic zone.

Attack with tear gas at the medic zone of Syntagma square

Riot police attacks with tear gas the medic zone of Syntagma square. Inside there are injured men and protester with respiratory problems.

Attack with tear gas at the medic zone of Syntagma square #2

View from within the medic zone, after the tear gas attack.

“We call the police to stop the murderous practice” (EXANTAS)

While the protesters are calling from the loudspeakers to the police to stop using chemicals, riot police continues unabated throwing tear gas and chemicals from the stairs, at the people located in the Square.”

Attack at a coffee place at Mitropoleos St.

An attack by the riot police gang at a cafe on Mitropoleos St. Police makes use of tear gas and stun flash grenades at the people who are in the cafe.

500 injured people by the government

Injured people are carried into the medic zone the Syntagma Metro station. In 0:24 a protester is hit and bleeding.

From the strike of 15/6/2011

Riot police is beating a protester (15/6/2011)

Violent arrest of a protester, riot police are pulling him from his hair, while kicking him, beating him and throwing a tear gas on him.

Riot police attacks Syntagma square while people are dancing

Riot police attacks people on Syntagma square with tear gas and their batons while people is dancing and playing music. People run towards the metro station in order to be able to breath.

Attack at the square – Camera 1 (EXADAS) Thursday, 16-06-2011

Riot police attacks people on Syntagma square with tear gas and their batons while people is dancing. People flee in panic.

Attack at the square – Camera 2 (EXADAS) Thursday, 16-06-2011

Riot police attacks people on Syntagma square with tear gas and their batons while people is dancing. At 1:30 you can hear a voice saying “It landed on that girls head (meaning a tear gas)”.

Arrest of S. Kaukala– 28-6

Video of the arrest of a member of ΝΑΡ and ΑΝΤΑΡΣΥΑ, S. Kafkala at 1:42. and 5:10 he is being arrested. Police is hitting and dragging him. The video also has various attacks with tear gas and rocks.


2. Photographs


27 photographs of policemen throwing rocks and stones:

Protesters carry a man who has fainted while been hit by riot police
(the scene in details, as protesters carry the injured man among policemen who hit them)

7 photographs with bleeding protesters

Policeman hits a protester with his baton on the head #1

6 photographs with dangerous improvised explosives used by police in demonstrations

Expired tear gas
(expiration date: 2000)
(expiration date: 2000)
(expiration date: 1999)
(expiration date: 1999)
(expiration date: 1995)
(expiration date: 1982)
(production date: 1979 – probably it has expired…)
(expiration date: 1977, it was used 6 months ago, December 2010)

“Police and parastatal working together”
Images that brought to disclose by are compelling evidence of the cooperation of police with paramilitary police. The photos were taken on Wednesday at Syntagma Square, during clashes in central Athens.

“A policeman hits out at a photographer”

“A demonstrator lies οn the road after being struck by police”

“A policeman sprays teargas as a protester turns away”

Violent and provocative behavior of the police against protesters at Evagelismos checkpoint
They spray in the face a fallen protester, without reason. They are beating with batons another one who tries to stop the incident. Shortly afterwards, two people are hurt and bleeding.

Policeman making an indecent and provocative gesture

Policemen spray tear gas and attack peaceful protester who tries to calm thing donw

Transferring people with ambulances / Unconscious protesters

Policeman getting ready to attack peaceful protesters

Policeman attacks a citizen that plays music

Highlights from yesterday’s demonstration as recorded by the lens of “E”


3. Articles


“Greece: Alleged abuses in the policing of the demonstration of 11 May 2011″ 16/6

“Greece urged not to use excessive force during protests” 16/6

“Tear gas fired as Greek police clash with Athens protesters” 29/6


4. Other material


a. Video:

29/6/11 – Terrorizing protesters in Monastiraki
(A brief video of violence. A DIAS squat  in Monastiraki attacks everybody…)

Injury of a protester – Syntagma square, 29/06/2011 (EXADAS)

“Fuck! you too are getting paied only 500 Euro” – (EXADAS)

“The enemy is in town” (“Μπήκαν στην πόλη οι οχτροί”, song from the civil war) – Parliament member Athanasiadis in the news (ALTER channel)

Protesters in the metro station – Syntagma square 29/6/2011
(carrying an injured man)

Selected videos from

MAX KEIZER Regarding the movement in Greece

Members of PASOK report  «savage and brutal repression» from the police

Orgy of state terrorism

Another side of the events of 29th of June
Beyond what we see in mass media there is also another side. The side of the vast mass of protesters who with admirable courage, despite the gigantic scale provocation and repression organized by the state to keep the streets of Athens empty, remained on the square and the streets of the  city center until late in the evening. The shots you are about to see in the video below were taken from the 4o floor of a building at Ermou St.. They are a selection of material filmed from noon until late in the evening of that same day. The 29th of June will go down in history as the first day in post-dictatorship history of Greece where basic constitutional rights, like the right of “association, were widely violated.  It is our duty to remember and spread the word!

The suspicious video

b. Photographs

Photographs in general:

Photographs with improvised explosives thrown by cops & photographs with policement holding and throwing stones:

Old man – Respect!!!

Violent arrest just outside of the ministry of economics 28/6

Photographs from

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    We have forwarded this information to Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. We are looking forward also to be spread out by citizens/users themselves. We are sure that there is a lot of people out in Europe and other countries that would like to get such information. We have just made the boring work to collect and translate this index.

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